What Makes Us Unique?

We help brands harness the power of influencer marketing to drive meaningful results.

Our team of experienced strategists, creatives, and data analysts work together to craft customized campaigns that resonate with your target audience and achieve your business objectives.


Proven influencer marketing expertise.

With over 1,000 clients and 3,000 campaigns successfully executed, our experienced team has a proven track record of delivering effective influencer marketing strategies that drive real results.

Americas-wide impactful campaigns.

Our reach extends across the Americas, delivering impactful campaigns from North to South and everywhere in between.

 7+ years influencer marketing expertise.

We bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Our team has over 7 years of experience in influencer marketing.

Unlimited Influencer network, +5M Creators

Our extensive influencer network, spanning across the Americas, consists of over 5 million creators. With the ability to activate more than 5,000 influencers simultaneously, we have the resources to execute large-scale campaigns that reach and engage audiences at scale





  • IGC (or influencer-generated content) is content created by influencers on behalf of a brand. This content can be used for brand awareness, promotion, and other marketing initiatives.
  • UGC (or user-generated content) is content created by fans or customers of a brand. This content can be used to build brand loyalty, increase engagement, and promote authenticity in brand messaging.

  • As a service provider, we offer to help you leverage the power of IGC and UGC to drive your brand’s marketing efforts!

Paid Influencers activations, Brand Ambassadors & Gifting

  • At RealUp Media, we offer paid influencer activations and brand ambassador programs to help you amplify your message, drive engagement, and build a loyal following. 

  • Work with our team to access a network of top-tier social media personalities and brand ambassadors who share your values and can help you achieve your marketing goals.

RealUp’s Creators Studio

  • Our in-house creative team is dedicated to producing high-quality, immersive experiences and groundbreaking content that brings your brand’s story to life in both real and virtual worlds. 
  • Content for:
  1. Paid Media. 
  2. Your own social media. 
  3. Social commerce + Live Shopping. 
  4. Photoshoot. 
  5. Shortcuts. 
  • With our cutting-edge technology and expertise in production, we can help you create engaging and compelling content that resonates with your audience and drives your brand’s message home.

RealUp’s Platform

  • We believe that data is the key to unlocking powerful stories that resonate with your audience. That’s why we have a tech platform that harnesses the power of AI and ML-generated insights and advanced analytics to help you tap into your digital ecosystem and unlock the full potential of your brand. 
  • By leveraging data-driven insights, we can help you make smarter, more informed decisions about your marketing strategy, and create content that truly connects with your audience. You can stay ahead of the competition and drive real results that impact your bottom line.

Peak Performance Advisors

  • We understand that innovation and speed are critical components of success for any brand or business. That’s why we offer a bespoke co-creation service that brings together an all-star team of collaborators to help you innovate quickly and effectively.
  • Through an immersive workshop experience, we work closely with you to understand your unique needs and challenges and develop tailored solutions that drive results. 
  • Whether you’re looking to develop a new product or service based on an influencer marketing strategy, our co-creation service can help you achieve your goals and stay ahead of the competition. With our expert guidance and cutting-edge approach, you can take your brand or business to the next level and achieve peak performance.

Our presence

With our expertise in influencer marketing, we work to connect brands with their audiences across more than 20 countries spanning the Americas and Spain.


Customer Succes Stories

Client from Latam who is using crowd-posting.
    Client from Latam who is using crowd-posting.

    “Our crowd posting campaigns exceeded our expectations, driving an impressive 7x increase in app downloads. The results speak for themselves, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. The Realup team’s expertise in influencer marketing and their innovative approach to campaign execution helped us achieve our goals and grow our brand. We look forward to continuing our partnership and exploring new opportunities for success.”

    Client from Mexico who is using brand ambassadors.
      Client from Mexico who is using brand ambassadors.

      “Thanks to the partnership with our brand ambassador, we were able to successfully expand our reach into the US and MX markets. Their expertise in influencer marketing and deep understanding of our brand helped us connect with new audiences and increase our brand awareness. The team’s dedication and commitment to our success was evident throughout the process, and we are thrilled with the outcome. We highly recommend their services to any brand looking to grow their reach and achieve their goals.”

      Client in the USA who is using UGC & IGC:
        Client in the USA who is using UGC & IGC:

        As a fashion e-commerce brand, I partnered with RealUp to leverage influencer-generated content (IGC) and user-generated content (UGC) for my brand marketing. We collaborated with relevant influencers to create authentic IGC showcasing my products. Simultaneously, we encouraged customers to share their experiences through UGC. By integrating IGC and UGC across marketing channels and leveraging them in digital advertisements, I achieved a 30% increase in social media following, record-high engagement, a 20% boost in website traffic, and increased online sales. The combination of IGC and UGC strengthened brand awareness, loyalty, and customer connection, driving significant business growth. It was a blast working with RealUp´s Team!

        One of Our +500 Satisfied Clients who are unlocking the Power of Data:
          One of Our +500 Satisfied Clients who are unlocking the Power of Data:

          Our company has forged a strong partnership with RealUp, a trusted provider of a tech platform that harnesses AI and ML-generated insights for influencer marketing. Through data-driven decisions and compelling content creation, we established a profound connection with our audience. The outcome was remarkable, resulting in increased engagement, a significant competitive edge, and tangible business growth. We highly recommend RealUp’s services to brands seeking to unlock the power of data in their influencer marketing endeavors.

          Client from Brazil who is Captivating Content Creation:
            Client from Brazil who is Captivating Content Creation:

            We partnered with RealUp for their exceptional creative team. Their dedication to producing high-quality and immersive experiences brought our brand’s story to life in both real and virtual worlds. Their captivating content captured the attention of our audience, resulting in increased engagement, enhanced brand perception, and significant business growth. We highly recommend their services for brands looking to create impactful and innovative experiences that connect deeply with their audience.

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